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Laptops in Nigeria

- What You Need to Know Before Making the Purchase.
Laptops in Nigeria

The kind of laptop you decide to go for solely depends on your individual needs. Before buying a computer, you must first evaluate your needs and determine what specs suit you the best. There are laptops designed for students, business people, ultimate gamers and ordinary home users. Each laptop in every category comes with its own unique features, size and design. When buying a laptop, most people's first decision is Apple versus Windows. But there's more to consider while making the decision. Here is a laptop buying guide that will help you make an informed decision when buying your next laptop.

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Things to Consider When Shopping for Laptops in Nigeria

Processor -- Most new laptops support a wide variety of processors. You get to choose between AMD's Turion X2, Intel Celeron M, Intel Core 2 Duo among others. The price of a laptop is mostly based on the type of processor it uses. For instance, laptops running on Intel Core 2 Duo processors T7500, T7400 and T7300 will cost more than those running on Intel Celeron Processors since they provide smooth gaming experience and high-end multimedia operation. When choosing a laptop, make sure the processor is suitable for you based on what you intend to use it for.

Installed Memory (RAM) -- The laptop's memory is another important factor to consider. The memory will differentiate the laptops efficiency as well as price and you should assess your needs before investing your money on any device. Modern laptops support DDR2 RAMs ranging between 1GB and 4GB. While 1GB RAMs are great for browsing the internet and processing documents, they might not be the best for high-end operations such as gaming and running other state-of-the-art applications. Windows Vista operating system requires a minimum of 2GB RAM and you should educate yourself in case you need to upgrade your OS in the future. It is also important to physically check the memory of your laptop since most devices will be branded with 4GB memory capacity when in actual sense; you are only offered 1GB.

Hard Disk Space -- The hard disk is where all your files and operating system will be stored. Different computers come with different hard disk space capacity and you'll need to determine which one suits your individual needs the best before making a purchase. If you have a wide collection of music and movie files, you'd be better off going for 160GB or more worth of hard disk space to comfortably accommodate them. College students are advised to go for higher hard disks space in order to create enough space for documents and other school project files. The amount of hard disk space will also affect the price and efficiency of a laptop and you equally need to decide carefully which one to go for.

Screen Size -- There are laptops with as low as 10" inch screen sizes and others with as high as 19" inches. The screen size you choose for your laptop will be based on your needs. The lower screen sizes are said to be best suited for those looking for portability while the larger ones offer better presentation.

Weight and Portability -- This is an area often overlooked by most people buying new laptops. A heavier laptop is equally effective as a lighter one since it is the processor and hard disk that determines efficiency. However, if you intend to carry your laptop around more often, you'd be better off going for a lighter, more portable one.

Battery -- Most modern laptops make use of lithium ion or lithium polymer technical batteries. Of course the best battery is one that is able to store the most power for the longest period of time. Before buying a laptop, find out from other consumers what they have to say about battery life. The reason you should read reviews is because the information provided by the manufacturer may be misleading most of the time.

Built-in Components -- If you intend to use your laptop for online networking, communication, browsing, accessing the internet or for playing multimedia files, then a laptop with a built-in webcam and stereo speakers is the best to go for. Webcams are particularly important for online communications.

Networking and Connectivity -- Most modern laptops come with built-in modems, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in Ethernet Cards. These ones make connectivity easy and offer you more freedom when it comes to networking. A laptop with cable Lock Slot and Expansion Ports such as USB 2.0 will offer more flexibility and efficiency.

Graphics Card -- In order for your laptop to run graphic applications or high --end video games, graphics cards are needed. The best graphic cards on the market include ATI and NVIDIA.

Warranty -- To be on the safer side, it would be best if you invested in a laptop that comes with a legitimate coverage warranty. This comes in handy in case your device was to break down for no apparent reason. With a valid warranty, all you need to do is contact your manufacturer and they can solve the problem or replace your laptop with a new one.


When buying a laptop, it all comes down to what is most suitable for you. Instead of buying the most expensive laptop you come across in hopes of achieving the best performance, you would be better off determining your needs and then going for a laptop that caters best for you. You are advised to read reviews from other users before making a choice on what to buy. Note that the most expensive laptop is not always the best and vice versa. You can find a lowly priced laptop that serves you well for the longest period of time. Some of the features in different laptops are not always necessary, especially when they raise the price of the device. Take as much times as possible researching on different laptops before making a decision to avoid disappointments in the future.

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